lay·ing || 'leɪɪŋ n. act of placing in a horizontal position; setting in place, setting down, arranging; causing to lie down; putting; placing leɪ n. way in which something is laid or lies (especially of a country); (Slang) sexual partner (vulgar); (Slang) sexual intercourse (vulgar) n. poem which tells a story (especially one that can be sung); song v. place in a horizontal position; set in place; produce and deposit (an egg or eggs); present, propose; prepare; spread out; put; set; deposit; locate; cause; appease; cause to subside or end; bet, wager adj. not clerical; not a member of the ordained clergy; not professional, not a member of a certain profession; not having expertise; of or done by the laity

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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